Rhino Transportfahrzeug

Rhino Armoured Personnel carrier

Perhaps the most durable and widely adapted vehicle in the Imperium, the Rhino is commonly used by the Adepta Sororitas and Adeptus Arbites. Standard transport capability is ten armoured individuals, but this can be increased depending on the personnel and their equipment. Rhinos have two side hatches, as well as a wide rear door and upper hatch, making or easy combat egress. The crew consists o a driver-tank commander and a powerul machine spirit to aid and, i necessary, take over driving and gunnery actions should the driver and occupants become incapacitated. Rhinos are lightly armed with only a pintle-mounted storm bolter, but variants can sacrifce some or all transport capability to mount heavier weapons.

Type: Ground Vehicle
Armour: Hull 21, Top 18, Rear 18
Narrative Speed: 35 kmph/70 kmph
Combat Speed:10/25/50/75/100
Handling Modifer (Drive (Ground Vehicle):0
Armaments: Storm Bolter, (optional guided missile)
Crew: 1 (Driver)

Access Points: A hatch on each side o the hull, several on the roo and one ramp at the rear.
Special: Robust: This STC vehicle is amously easy to repair and phenomenally resilient, as a result all Tests made to repair
a Rhino have a have a +10 bonus!

473px rhino artwork

pic source: lexicanum.de

Rhino Transportfahrzeug

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